by Laurel Karnecki

Recently I drove through historic Grand Rapids, MI. There were so many lovely houses, even in these grey winter months, but there was one that I could not have ever imagined. Everything about this home was just right, the lines, the sprawling Prairie style, the smallest detail in every section of this work of art was spot on. It seemed to me that there was no front to the house, from every angle I could see character and beauty that drew me in. Incredible stained glass lined the walls, small tiles inlayed into the facade below the eaves, the style was very much in the vein of Frank Lloyd Wright, but the small details that pulled me in even closer were not typical of his work. 


I came home that night with the experience exciting my mind and creating a well of curiosity. I started researching, found that Frank Lloyd Wright had been commissioned to build the house, but that he had left the US before designing it, leaving it to other architects he had employed. From there I bingend Frank Lloyd Wrights work, drove by the houses he had built in South Bend (as luck would have it there are two) and read up as much as I could. Then it dawned on me, the architect that designed the initial house I saw, what else had they done?! Turned out it was Marion Mahony who designed this house in Grand Rapids (just blocks away from a lovely FLW house). Marion Mahony was the first licensed female architect the state if IL, she worked closely with FLW in his early career and was the artist behind many of his famous house renderings. Her career spanned over three continents and she created much more than just architecture. 

I don't believe "inspiration" is the correct word to describe what I've felt since that day in Grand Rapids. Yes, I do feel more excited to create and I do believe the work I've completed since is different than it would have been, but it's much more than that. It's given me a feeling that is a little bit closer to completion. It's moved me to dig deeper within myself, to take more time and to reflect further than I typically would on any given subject. My Aunt made the comment to me, about Marion being one of my teachers and I believe that puts it best, her work, her life has touched my life the way a great teacher does, forever enlightening their student just a bit more.  

A New Year

by Laurel Karnecki

2015 marked many things for me, personally as well as artistically.

We came home. Back to the midwest, not where I grew up, but to a place that became my home and I couldn't be happier. The moves from state to state helped me find myself, my artistic direction and also (finally) gave me clarity as to where I wanted to be. It's been exhausting pulling up roots every few years and replanting, it feels wonderful to now feel myself firmly planted and ready to flourish. 

Excited to see what will become of 2016!

 Booth view from the one of a kind show (12.15), Chicago

 Booth view from the one of a kind show (12.15), Chicago

Home, sweet home

by Laurel Karnecki

It's just over a month since we moved back to South Bend, IN. Although I grew up in CT and will always have some East Coast attitude in my blood, the mid-west has really become my home. I couldn't be happier to be back with family and friends, and friends that have become family! Such a warm welcome from everyone; back into a community I'm proud to be a part of.

I recently spent some time at the South Bend Art Museum taking in the current exhibit, "South Bend Selfie" a collection of work by South Bend artists. It's a really fantastic collection showcasing the diverse talent around us. I found it difficult not to zig zag around the gallery as my eye would be drawn to collections across the room. Each piece was drastically different than the last, but equally interesting, and inspiring.  

I'm very excited to have just dropped off a collection my own work to be shown in the South Bend Art Museum Dot Shop. It's a wonderful feeling to be part of this community of artists, and just so elated to be back home!

Moving on…or back

by Laurel Karnecki

Just over a year ago my family and I moved to our "house by the stream" in North Carolina. I love the little world around us, the birds, the fox, the dragonflies and the late night campfires...but we all miss home. After a year in the country, making new friends, and gathering wonderful inspiration, we're packing it all up and moving back from where we came, to South Bend, Indiana. I never would have thought for a minute that I would miss Indiana the way I do, but sometimes you just don't know just what you've got 'til it's gone! Fortunately in this case, it wasn't so much gone as we were, and we can go back! So next week we pack up the truck and hit the road northbound. 

Spring is starting to peek through here in North Carolina, I'm not sure we'll be quite so lucky when we get back to Indiana, but it won't be far off! The warm days and crisp spring air gifted inspiration for a simple collection of natural pieces: the Gold Leaf Series, 14k gold mixed with sterling silver, subtle and perfect for everyday, outdoor wear.