Moving on…or back

by Laurel Karnecki

Just over a year ago my family and I moved to our "house by the stream" in North Carolina. I love the little world around us, the birds, the fox, the dragonflies and the late night campfires...but we all miss home. After a year in the country, making new friends, and gathering wonderful inspiration, we're packing it all up and moving back from where we came, to South Bend, Indiana. I never would have thought for a minute that I would miss Indiana the way I do, but sometimes you just don't know just what you've got 'til it's gone! Fortunately in this case, it wasn't so much gone as we were, and we can go back! So next week we pack up the truck and hit the road northbound. 

Spring is starting to peek through here in North Carolina, I'm not sure we'll be quite so lucky when we get back to Indiana, but it won't be far off! The warm days and crisp spring air gifted inspiration for a simple collection of natural pieces: the Gold Leaf Series, 14k gold mixed with sterling silver, subtle and perfect for everyday, outdoor wear. 

by Laurel Karnecki

 - Fossils like you've never seen -

New collection of fossilized shells with drusy, found in the Himilayas. This is one of my favorites, though its really tough to choose.